To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud

In the recent presidential election, Wisconsin had a high turnout, 72.3 percent, of which Joseph Biden took 49.6 percent — 250,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016 — and enough to win.  For a candidate whose rallies virtually no one attended, and whose political party, in response to recent rioting and looting, was passive, that's pretty good.  Or is it? The answer to that may depend on the kind of ballots that were cast — whether they were cast in person or through the mail.  Frank Miele  describes the process of the first: [Y]ou first make an active choice to vote, confirm your identity as a registered voter to a poll worker, then mark your ballot privately but in the presence of other people, and finally hand it off to a poll worker who scans it directly into a vote-counting machine while you watch.  In other words, you establish your legal right to vote and have a secure chain of custody of your...(Read Full Article)
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