The Mainstream Media’s COVID Cover-up Continues

The mainstream media’s double standard when it comes to accuracy is undeniable to anyone with a shred of integrity.  For stories that favor the Left or damage the Right, the bar couldn’t be lower. For stories that are vice-versa, however, the media’s scrutiny has no end.  We’ve seen the phenomenon ad nauseam for years now, but its frequency and impact has reached a critical level.  We saw it with Christine Blasey Ford and her uncorroborated accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh that were willingly regurgitated by Democrats and their media.  We see it currently with the unfolding scandal involving Hunter Biden, as the media scoffs at its legitimacy in spite of the validated authenticity of the emails that kick-started the whole hubbub.  There is arguably no story, however, where the media’s duplicity is more evident and more detrimental than what we’ve seen regarding their reporting on COVID-19. Reporting on the...(Read Full Article)
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