The Democrats' Hurried Preening

Admitting no hiatus in their arch diabolism, the Democrats continue to pile on with all manner of headlines, pronunciamentos, self-congratulations, smarmy videos, half-threats, flag-festooned stages, media abetment, interviews, victory laps, and stunts, to fix in the public mind that they are the victors apparent of this election.  A good example is Hunter Biden abandoning intoxication long enough to clean himself up and trot onstage in a suit, with a baby, to be with dad and show how wholesome he is.  Not to mention to rub your nose in your "loss" and his impudent impunity.  Biden campaign talk about throwing "trespassers" out of the White House is another.   And especially hideous is the staged video of the smug and execrable Kamala Harris standing aw-shucks-casual in a greensward somewhere calling her friend "Joe" on the phone and oozing to him "We did it, we did it, Joe!"  Yeah, like that was...(Read Full Article)
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