The Cure for Pennsylvania’s Mail-in Ballots

On October 23, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots must be accepted regardless of whether or not the signatures on the ballots match those on file with the state. Also on the 23rd, the Washington Times ran an article by Stephen Dinan that contrasted the new procedures in the Keystone State with those in a state with more experience with mail-in voting: “In Oregon, which pioneered vote-by-mail and where every voter is automatically mailed a ballot, thousands of votes are disqualified in each election because signatures didn’t match.” Mr. Dinan then reports that Oregon gives voters a chance to correct signature discrepancies and thereby have their votes counted. According to Ballotpedia, “eighteen states require officials to notify voters and allow voters to correct signature errors through a process called ballot curing.” The opportunity to “cure” one’s mistakes is also referenced on page 12 of the Pennsylvania...(Read Full Article)
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