K-12: What's Our 'Stamp Act'? When Will It Be Enough?

You would think we would finally take a stand when it comes to our children. You would think we would be driven by a primal need to protect. But you might think again. There is a blue bubble over the elementary school in an otherwise pleasant semi-rural community. And the children there are under the most insidious attack. One resident revealed what had happened to his child. Minding his own business, he was randomly, physically attacked in the playground by the school bully. His child was 6, the bully was 7 or 8 years old. The bully walked up to the younger child, kicked, punched and screamed at him. His child tried to protect himself and screamed back, “Get off of me!” When the bully showed no intention of getting off or of mitigating the attack, the younger child hauled off and kicked the bully in the leg, leaving a mark. The bully fell back and started crying and wailing, dramatically and pointedly (“Ready for my close up, Mr. Demille.”)...(Read Full Article)
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