Ed Buck Was Protected. He Still Is. Part II

What some in West Hollywood had hoped would be a quiet removal of a dead escort from Democratic megadonor Ed Buck’s apartment quickly morphed into a public relations nightmare for all associated with Buck, including members of City Council and the Stonewall Democratic Club’s Steering Committee. From my previous article: Ashlee Marie Preston, a trans-activist on the Steering Committee, broke ranks to write a withering article condemning Ed Buck... Preston included a screenshot of Buck’s Adam4Adam profile, which makes Buck’s fetishes explicit in writing. Buck was a drug addict who enjoyed preying on vulnerable young gay black men and ruining their healthy bodies with meth. Ashlee Marie Preston’s article did more than lift the veil on who knew about Ed Buck; it put a spotlight on the racial element of the story of Gemmel Moore’s death. Black political machinery pounced on the opportunity to tell the story of a rich white man killing troubled...(Read Full Article)
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