Conservatives must stop quitting before the battle is over!

America is on the verge of sanctioning a socialist takeover of the greatest government ever established on the face of the Earth. What are we doing about it?  Are we in solidarity with our president, or are we tacitly admitting defeat in the midst of the battle?  Are conservatives who criticize the president's legal team, as Rush Limbaugh did, helping the president or the insurgents?  Are those who say Georgia is now our only hope, the Senate our last chance, encouraging patriots or the enemy?  The subliminal message is that we've already lost the White House, so the Senate is all we have left. Why do so many feel defeated in the middle of the fight?  For years, Americans have been beaten down, victims of emotional and psychological abuse by media.  With continuous abuse, many succumb to learned helplessness, where an individual who "continuously faces a negative, uncontrollable situation stops trying to...(Read Full Article)
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