'Cheaters Never Win'?

You know that saying "cheaters never win"? It's just that — it's just a saying. Cheaters win all the time. Cheaters sit out part of their NFL season for PEDs and then win our Super Bowl MVP trophies. Cheaters bash record-setting home run numbers.  Cheaters make backroom deals and insider trade in business.  And cheaters win elections. Cheaters never win — it's one of those truths you hold dear and slowly discover to be patently and utterly false, like "life is fair." Last week, a college classmate of mine died after a 15-year battle with melanoma.  I watched her funeral on a video live stream in the era of COVID.  She was 37. Life is most certainly anything but fair.  Indeed, I have heard it said that "fair is where you go for French fries and cotton candy."  And at the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist — or worse — by people who...(Read Full Article)
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