Awaiting the Kraken

  The only way the Left could win this election was by massive fraud. That is what they realized during the early morning hours after midnight of Election Day. So they piled it on. This really is startling. Not that the Left cheated, not that they engage in psychological warfare to cover up their cheating. But that all the constant pounding, the immense effort by the enemy-of-the-people, false and fake, media, the near-criminal defalcating do-nothingness of the DOJ, even the held-back news of Trump’s vaccine -- failed miserably against the forces of MAGA. We Republicans, or whatever we are, gained a governorship, at least ten seats in Congress, several statehouses, and, regarding the presidential race, support from nearly every demographic, including a tremendous gain amongst black and Latino voters. President Trump himself garnered 73 million votes – 10 million more than in 2016. It was the forces of MAGA that triumphed, not the...(Read Full Article)
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