Another Christian Country Makes a Doomed Peace with Islam

"Peace" was recently achieved between Armenia and Azerbaijan, who had been fighting for nearly two months, after the Christian nation agreed to cede its ancestral lands in Artsakh to its Muslim neighbor. From a temporal and myopic point of view, such a settlement may seem like progress; from a long point of view, it is a regress and reflective of the continuum of Armenian-Islamic history and relations: in exchange for peace, Christians have always been forced to cede territory to Muslims.  After all, the heart of the Muslim world — the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Minor — were all Christian before the sword of Islam invaded. Before Islam violently conquered eastern Anatolia (Asia Minor) in the eleventh century, Armenia was significantly larger than today.  For over a thousand years, however, Muslim Turks chipped away at and absorbed ethnically Armenian territory.  What is happening today is simply part of that...(Read Full Article)
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