When Citizens Must Move Mountains to Vote in Person

To combat the fraud risks associated with mail-in voting, politicians are asking us to vote in person on November 3.  But that's a tall order in New Jersey.  Those who are disabled, blind, or illiterate can  vote in person and at a limited number of polling places.  As for the rest of us, if we show up at one of the designated polling places on Election Day 2020, it likely will not be our usual polling place, and we'll be given a paper provisional ballot that could take weeks to verify.  In tech-savvy 2020, where we've been voting by machine for the entirety of my voting lifetime, in-person voting is effectively verboten for those of us who are not disabled. It's ironic that those who are disabled, blind, or illiterate are precisely the individuals who would likely avail themselves of absentee or mail-in voting in order to stay home and vote with the assistance of trusted family or friends versus schlepping to the...(Read Full Article)
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