Time to End COVID Lockdowns and Mask Mandates

Draconian lockdowns invoked by governmental fiat with little basis in science are nonsensical and unconstitutional. I live in Washington state and I have a mustache. I went to my barbershop when they were first allowed to open on a limited basis and got a haircut and mustache trim.  Last week, they were able to cut my hair but not my mustache.  We the people, should not blindly follow these mandates and surrender our civil rights without question. State public health agencies during outbreaks of epidemics do have limited police powers to isolate or quarantine people who are sick or are coming from foreign areas that have highly infectious and deadly diseases. The federal government has the same power for people entering the US and traveling between states.  These diseases were smallpox, typhoid, cholera, and the plague with high death rates.  It was routine to quarantine sailing ships coming into port and to isolate those who were sick in the community. In...(Read Full Article)
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