The Modern World's Never-Ending War on Faith

Over the past couple of generations, belief in God has lost stature among the people who have governed this country.  It has gone from being a foundational norm to being something of a historical embarrassment.  Most politicians, particularly on the left, now only check the box for "Christian" for the sake of a few votes among believers in their districts.  They are "Christians" with a nod and a wink. It wasn't always so. Jimmy Carter, for all his faults, actually believed in God.  Not some watered-down, fatuous little fairy tale of God, but a robust and fearsome God that underpinned his universe.  I remember the time when Carter regretted, in a Playboy interview of all places, that he had "lusted in his heart."  He felt that he had fallen short of the Almighty's expectations.  How quaint.  Fast-forward to Joe Biden, who nuzzles and gropes women and young girls...(Read Full Article)
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