How The Bidens Aided Ukrainian Corruption

During the time Joe Biden was US point man in Ukraine, and his son Hunter and Hunter’s business partner, Devon Archer, were on the payroll of the Ukrainian oil and gas company, Burisma,  there were three Ukrainian Prosecutors General.  The first, Vitaly Yerema and the third, Yuriy Lutsenko, actively helped Burisma escape responsibility for the theft of Ukraine’s oil and gas assets but Biden did not speak out against them and made no effort to force them from office. Only one, Viktor Shokin, pursued Burisma and its owner Mykola Zlochevsky.  Shokin put seizures on their assets and issued a warrant for Zlochevsky’s arrest should he return to Ukraine.  Yet Shokin, not Yerema and not Lutsenko, was the one Prosecutor General that Biden called out and forced from office.  In fact, I am aware of no other instance in which the United States demanded the firing of a prosecutor in a country to which we supplied foreign...(Read Full Article)
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