Prediction Markets and the Elections

"The 2020 presidential “election is a huge event.  It’s kind of the Olympics of prediction markets,” Sam Kazemian, co-founder of Everipedia, the creator of the prediction market PredIQt has stated.  Such prediction markets, in which individuals place wagers on the outcome of certain events, like who will win the White House on November 3, are increasing in importance, as the new prediction market Polymarket shows. Polymarket with its slogan “Bet on your Beliefs” launched in Beta form on June 16 and has already claimed over $1 million in trading volume.  A recent $4 million investment will help enable Polymarket to improve upon prediction markets by eliminating their traditional large fees for betting deposits and withdrawals as well as trades in outcome positions.  Polymarket will also simplify technical procedures so that ordinary users with little technical knowledge can benefit from Polymarket’s complex blockchain...(Read Full Article)
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