Marxism: A Breeding Ground for Useful Idiots

"Useful idiot" is a pejorative term for a person who propagandizes for a cause without fully understanding (due to naïveté, stupidity, or on purpose) the cause's goals, who is cynically used by the cause's founders.  It is used to describe otherwise sensible people who become, due to misrepresentations or outright lies, susceptible to Marxist/communist/socialist propaganda and manipulation. Why is this important?  Because this is what Black Lives Matter is doing: using useful idiots to advance its cause.  One of BLM's founders is Alicia Garza, a trained Marxist.  Why is that significant?  Because it explains BLM's agenda.  Marxism's (and BLM's) ultimate goal is to ignite class warfare to provide an opportunity for the seizure of political power.  But the U.S. was created as a classless society with no royalty, no nobility, no caste system.  Everyone is equal under the law.  How, then, do...(Read Full Article)
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