James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

James Comey is not an effective liar. He fooled only the gullible last week with his evasive testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Previously, Robert Mueller was also not effective deterring the Trump Administration from uncovering significant, far-reaching crimes that the former F.B.I. Director "missed" from September 2001 through September 2013. For almost 18 years, Comey and Mueller have been covering for powerful Republicans and Democrats, letting serious crimes go unpunished. Many of these involved fake charities that operate internationally, including the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. These are perfect conduits to trade donations for influence, especially for foreign governments who, in theory, are barred from investing in U.S. politicians. We are approaching a "put up or shut up" moment, where President Trump must deliver on the most important campaign promise he made in closing arguments during the 2016...(Read Full Article)
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