France will not be Decapitated

It is not often that a 47-year-old high school teacher is stabbed and beheaded in broad daylight in a street in the suburbs of Paris. Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher at the school in Conflans-Sainte Honorine, suffered this fate. He had given an eighth-grade civics lesson on the contours and limits of free speech during which he showed two cartoons from Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, which depicted the prophet Muhammed. One showed a naked individual on his hands with genitals exposed, and a star on his backside, with a caption reading, “Muhammad, a star is born.” Paty, conscious that the cartoons were controversial, suggested that students look away for a few seconds if they thought they would be shocked. A man named Brahim Chnina, a parent of a female student in Paty’s class, was informed of the lesson, even though she was not in class during the lesson, and posted three videos on social media attacking Paty, demanded his dismissal, and...(Read Full Article)
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