Emmet Sullivan’s Kangaroo Court

A kangaroo court ignores recognized standards of law or justice and has no legitimate authority because due process is often ignored. The “court” often reaches a predetermined conclusion that makes the trial itself something of a farce. That seems an appropriate description of Emmet Sullivan’s courtroom in the astonishing case of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a patriotic American military hero targeted for felony prosecution on trumped-up charges only because he had been asked to serve in Donald Trump’s new administration. When Department of Justice prosecutors announced they were dropping the charges against General Michael Flynn for allegedly lying to the FBI, it should have been a formality for Judge Emmet Sullivan to accept their nolle prosequi (meaning unwilling to pursue) motion because at that point, the opposing parties (prosecution and defense) were no longer adversaries. Without a prosecutor, how does a criminal trial proceed?   Our...(Read Full Article)
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