Down Goes Biden

Has there ever been a presidential nominee who looked more overmatched by his opponent?  Contrary to what the pundits in the mainstream media would have you believe, President Donald Trump obliterated Joe Biden in the presidential debate on Tuesday night, and it really was not even close.  This was an Ali-Liston fight without a first round phantom punch.  For 90 minutes, the president landed one body blow after another, leaving the former vice-president reeling with his back against the ropes, only to be rescued by Chris Wallace, the debate “moderator,” who repeatedly made the president return to his neutral corner by silencing him.  Spare me the “Trump did not act presidential” hogwash.  Considering that Biden received a pass for referring to Trump as the “worst president” the country ever had, called him a “clown” and a “racist,” and told him to “shut up,” the national media has zero...(Read Full Article)
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