Do the Chinese Own Joe Biden?

Americans will need to come to grips with a mounting, deadly serious crisis.  The Democrat nominee for the presidency appears saturated with corruption, and worse -- yes, there’s a worse here -- he’s compromised himself to foreign powers, one of which -- the People’s Republic of China (PRC) -- is rightly regarded as an enemy of the U.S.  Sly Vlad Putin and whoever runs the Ukraine owns Joe Biden, too.  Russia and the Ukraine having the goods on Biden is bad enough, but China is the U.S.’s principal rival for global dominance.  The blackmailing of a President Joe Biden is a chilling prospect.  Biden as president imperils the nation in ways never experienced before. What does this mean to the Sino-American rivalry?  It means that with Biden blackmailed and in the White House, the Chinese may never fire a shot to gain hegemony over the U.S. -- the domination that tyrant Xi Jingping dreams about. Did you know that in the last...(Read Full Article)
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