Complacency Kills: Get Out and Vote

I don't know about you, but I'm extremely apprehensive about our upcoming election.  We've been inundated with articles about a Trump sweep, for which we are given supposedly ironclad reasons with confident assurances that poorly mask a nervous whistling past the graveyard.  There are "shy" Trump voters.  The polling firms oversample groups that lean Democrat.  Such-and-such pollster/professor/local bakery that correctly predicted the last zillion elections is predicting a Trump win.  So-and-so editorialist drives around and sees nothing but Trump yard signs (in a red town, in a red county, in a red state, all of whose votes are routinely neutralized by a single mid-sized blue city).  Maybe they're right.  Maybe not. To be sure, Biden is a clown car.  But he's still cognizant enough not to make the same mistakes as his predecessor.  He's hitting the Midwest hard...(Read Full Article)
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