Complacency Kills: Get Out and Vote

I don't know about you, but I'm extremely apprehensive about our upcoming election.  We've been inundated with articles about a Trump sweep, for which we are given supposedly ironclad reasons with confident assurances that poorly mask a nervous whistling past the graveyard.  There are "shy" Trump voters.  The polling firms oversample groups that lean Democrat.  Such-and-such pollster/professor/local bakery that correctly predicted the last zillion elections is predicting a Trump win.  So-and-so editorialist drives around and sees nothing but Trump yard signs (in a red town, in a red county, in a red state, all of whose votes are routinely neutralized by a single mid-sized blue city). 

Maybe they're right.  Maybe not.

To be sure, Biden is a clown car.  But he's still cognizant enough not to make the same mistakes as his predecessor.  He's hitting the Midwest hard and heavy, doing his utmost to win back the white working-class Democrats that voted for Trump last time around.  His campaign is shrewdly getting out the vote by warning that Biden's polling numbers might not be as rosy as they seem.  Biden will not be popping champagne on the morning of election day, as Hillary did, until he is certain of victory.

But he can rest easy knowing that his base will vote for him regardless.  The Burisma revelations won't hurt him.  His racist past won't hurt him.  His glaring senility won't hurt him.  The credible rape accusations, already buried under an avalanche of #MeToo hypocrisy, won't hurt him.  This is because a vote for Biden isn't a vote of confidence that former vice president Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. of Delaware is capable of steering this ship competently for the next four years.  Nobody on either side of the aisle believes that a President Biden would be calling the shots.  A vote for Biden is a vote against the idea of America.  A Biden victory would signify a point-of-no-return retrenchment of the elitist ruling class, who, rest assured, will rig the chessboard so that something so democratic as Trump's 2016 victory will never again occur. 

As Dennis Miller quipped, our Founding Fathers started a war over a tax on their breakfast beverage.  How times have changed.  If Biden wins, the open assault on our Constitution, our inalienable rights, our history, our culture, our police, and our children's education will continue full steam ahead.  And from the half of America that claims to honor our Founding Fathers, there will be barely a whimper.  We'll slump our shoulders and take it, the way we always do.

Sure, in the event we ever win another election, a theoretical Republican majority could undo all the damage done by the previous Democrat administration — just as they did with Obamacare and DACA.  And a theoretical Republican majority could open investigations into the crimes committed by the previous Democrat administration — just as they did with Fast and Furious, and Spygate, and the IRS scandal, and the NSA scandal, and the GSA scandal, and Benghazi, and the $100-billion Iranian bribe, and Solyndra, and...well, you get the point.  A Republican majority sans Trump is a return to the Boehner-Romney-McCain cabal of swamp creatures, from whom the best we can hope for is an organized retreat. 

When Antifa terrorists declare that they want to destroy this country, they mean exactly that.  Unlike our conservative keyboard warriors, Antifa practices what it preaches.  I've written previously on this site that I prefer we earn our victories at the ballot box rather than through unrestrained bloodshed, and I'm always amused by the frenetic reaction I get from certain readers disgusted by what a craven sissy I am for not wanting to re-enact Hotel Rwanda on Main Street, USA.  If you're of the more sensible variety who acknowledges there isn't going to be some minuteman-like uprising of saber-drawn patriots galloping o'er the amber waves of grain in a second civil war, but you're nonetheless ready to stand your ground and protect your private residence when the mob comes to your quiet suburb?  Well, that's what Mark and Patricia McCloskey did.  And they've just been indicted with felony charges.  In Missouri. 

People, it's crunch time.  We are actively opposed by the mainstream media, Hollywood, public education, Big Tech and corporate America, every level of the bureaucracy, most of the judiciary, the entire Democrat establishment and half of the Republican establishment, and millions of "educated" economic and historical illiterates who can scream "fascist" but can't define it.  They're openly promising to pack the courts, abolish the Electoral College, and admit new states with the sole purpose of establishing a permanent majority.  They silence their opponents via cancel culture, censorship, and mob violence.

Our most promising recourse is still our vote.  Unlike leftists, we get to vote only once an election, so convince any fence-sitter you know to vote.  Hit 'em with the bullet points: better trade deals, tax breaks, Middle East peace, Iranian containment, constitutionalist justices, the wall, a renewal of civic pride and patriotism, the rule of law, school choice, pre-COVID employment rates, downtown Starbucks with intact windows, etc.  If rational discourse fails, show them videos of Antifa and BLM burning down cities, battling police, and assaulting civilians. 

I hope I'm wrong in decrying the unjustifiable overconfidence of the "Trump sweep" predictions.  But every conservative worth his spit knows what is at stake this election.  There is no excuse whatsoever for the election to be this close, and the fact that it is reflects a complete systemic failure of sorts.  But if we lose this November, it won't be Trump's fault.  He has done more to advance conservatism than any other Republican in living memory.  It won't be the fault of the totalitarian left, who has behaved and continues to behave exactly as predicted.  And it won't be the fault of the sock puppet anti-Trump Conservative Inc., the Steve Schmidts and Jennifer Rubins of the land, who long ago lost whatever influence they once had. 

It will be our fault.  Get out and vote.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).