Can the Democrats Sell Their Worst Candidate Ever?

Even before anyone ever heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Democrats were facing a marketing challenge unknown in the era of moving images: selling a candidate that no one -- with the possible exception of Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden -- could possibly be enthused about. By any standard, especially by progressive Democratic standards, Joe Biden is a flaming mess. No Democrat of any age will have ever pulled the lever for a less attractive candidate. Compared to Joe, Hillary Clinton was JFK. Hillary actually had fans. Democratic leaders and their increasingly Pravda-like media allies know what a mess Biden is. In 2019, before he emerged as the candidate, they openly shared their misgivings. In early June 2019, for instance, both the New York Times and the Washington Post produced video hit pieces highlighting Biden’s problematic history. These pieces were triggered, wrote the Post, by the fact that the Biden campaign “lifted language without credit, at...(Read Full Article)
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