A Theory for Why Biden Can't Win Hispanics

I was raised to think of myself as Hispanic, but in retrospect, I was trained to worship like a white man.  My mother was from Honduras, but she might as well have come from Mayberry.  Back "home," our family history had been difficult.  Lots of great people but even more hard times.  People had been beaten up, tortured, gunned down, and kidnapped.  One of my relatives was conscripted into some kind of a militia.  He was put into a boot camp and sent out to kill people.  I never found out which side it was for.  From the sound of it, neither did my mom. These stories of Latin America have stuck with me as far back as I can remember.  I never went back to visit anyone there, and, in truth, I never wanted to.  Because Honduras was a nightmare, I was trained to check the back seats of my car, whenever I got in it, to make sure there wasn't a kidnapper hiding...(Read Full Article)
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