Who's the Real Joe Biden?

Is there any such thing as "the real Joe Biden" in the sense of an actual, breathing human being with enduring loyalties and principles?  His long political record and recent behavior provide some idea. The choice of Kamala Harris as running mate is one indication.  Harris has often been described as a "politician on the make," someone who will do whatever is expedient.  Writing for RealClearPolitics, Debra Saunders calls Harris a "progressive opportunist."  Yves Smith, looking through her less than progressive record as California prosecutor, would alter that to "opportunist to the core." Three months ago, Harris almost knocked Biden out of the primaries with her cunning debate performance — now who cares if he opposed bussing?  She gave every indication of thinking Biden was unfit for the presidency — now she thinks he's perfectly fit.  What she seems to care...(Read Full Article)
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