The Way to Perdition

Encountering a certain segment of our society’s acceptance of burning, looting, and execution of the police, not to mention the outrage prevalent when criminals or simple bad actors get their just desserts when police exercise their duty, I have been challenged to find any rhyme or reason to excuse such actions, not only in the permissiveness our leaders attach to such activity, but the actual encouragement they offer.  Indeed, you can find many who are so completely invested in this mindset to the point they cannot cope emotionally with any pushback or appeal to traditional law, justice, or morality.  Simply put, the traditional moral parameters of good behavior no longer apply. What’s up with that?  The answer may lie in a consideration of the contemporary trends in intellectual thought. Starting sometime in the 1960s, a concept known as “situational ethics” sought to detach propriety from our traditional Christian mores.  For...(Read Full Article)
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