The True Cost of Riots

In a recent interview, BLM organizer Ariel Atkins argued that lootings are reparations for African Americans.   Atkins denounced the suggestion that anything can be gained from peaceful protests. “Winning has come through revolts, Winning has come through riots, ‘’ she said.   Unfortunately, the belligerence of people like Atkins has been nurtured by mainstream intellectuals, who originally downplayed the malevolent intentions of dangerous activists. Therefore, as adults, we have no alternative but to remind these youngsters that sparking riots is an ineffective strategy to advance the cause of African Americans.   A striking case against riots is clearly expressed in the findings of Professor Mary C. King  whose research demonstrates “little relationship between regional progress for African Americans and relatively proximate race riots.” Riotous behavior often results in businesses fleeing minority communities, thus...(Read Full Article)
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