The Riots: More Questions than Answers

Last week, 50 Republican congressmen sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr asking that the DoJ investigate the groups responsible for the rioting in our cities and use existing federal law to prosecute those "participating in, inciting, organizing, or funding" those riots.  It's about time. Our pro-family organization, MassResistance, has been involved with on-the-ground activism for over 25 years.  We tend to notice things from that perspective.  As we've watched what has been taking place, a number of obvious questions came to mind: How can there be any doubt that this is an interstate operation?  In city after city, the tactics, banners, clothing, weaponry, etc. have been virtually identical.  Vans with supplies traveling cross-country have been intercepted.  Out-of-state perpetrators have been arrested.  It's obviously being centrally planned and...(Read Full Article)
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