Round One Goes to Trump

The photos of a dignified Trump standing amid the ruins of Kenosha present the defining moment of the first phase of the campaign.  Despite his opponents predicting that his presence there would inflame matters, Trump did what any good leader should do. He led from the front, setting an example of calmness and steadiness as he thanked the members of the public services who had tried to contain the riots, provided emergency support, and cleared up afterwards.  His was a reassuring presence for the people of Kenosha.  After days of rioting, Kenosha was calm.  Biden has now said he’ll visit to “heal,” whatever that means.  Biden acts like a figurehead who says what his handlers tell him.  Taking press questions (a rare event) he commented on the killing of a Trump supporter who was apparently shot in cold blood in an unprovoked attack during the ongoing riots in Portland, accusing the Trump supporters of “inciting...(Read Full Article)
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