Murphy's Law and Vote Fraud in New Jersey

More than a century before hashtags and messaging apps, the era of political bosses and patronage made New Jersey the punch line of jokes about voter fraud.  Provincial anecdotes in Democrat county strongholds about the dead still voting and voting early and often have long come to epitomize the machine politics of a dark blue state where Democrat voters outnumber Republicans two to one and control 15 of 21 counties. Standalone electronic voting booths have been used in the state for decades.  Unconnected to the internet, they are paperless and store votes until the polls close, after which the results are downloaded and passed along to county and state election officials.  There are no hanging chads or hand counts by half-sighted retirees.  Voting improprieties are thwarted by the convenience, simplicity, and efficiency of in-person e-voting. But in a presidential election already being contested before a single vote is cast, COVID...(Read Full Article)
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