Judy Liming Embodied America's Broken Healthcare System

Judy Liming, from Georgetown, Ohio, embodied the broken U.S. healthcare system. She was mistreated, mischarged, bankrupted, and broken by her care. Like countless other Americans, Judy, who died of complications from breast cancer this summer at the age of 65, was not a patient but a victim of American medicine.  COVID-19 is currently dominating public discussion and debate. But it's important to remember that the pandemic of runaway healthcare costs predated COVID-19 because patients are blocked from knowing prices and prevented from comparison shopping. Unless policymakers act to shine the light on this darkness and opacity, ruinous after-the-fact overcharging will wreak havoc long after the virus threat is gone.  Legislators can help patients like Judy immediately by passing recently introduced price transparency legislation as part of the economic stimulus package that they're currently negotiating. When Judy was diagnosed in...(Read Full Article)
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