Hey Democrats: What’s the Strategy?

One of the things I like to analyze in political events is evidence of strategy. For instance, when Nancy Pelosi says the California wildfires mean that “Mother Earth is angry,” I think that is just reactive -- and primitive, because Mother Earth goddesses go way back. But when President Trump (or Jared Kushner) comes up with almost one peace deal a week -- first Israel-UAE, then Serbia-Kosovo, and now Israel-Bahrain -- and lo and behold, as if on cue, Swedish politicians start nominating him for Nobel Peace Prizes -- my strategy detector goes crazy. And now the Black Swan guy, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is asking what the betting odds are for an Israel-Saudi Arabia peace deal by November 1. Or what about 9/11 observance? Trump sent Vice-President Pence to New York City last week to stand next to Joe Biden, but the president headed for Shanksville, PA to celebrate the All-American “let’s roll” spirit of Flight 93. I wonder why? That is the point...(Read Full Article)
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