Fight -- or the Dems Will Steal This Election

It did not start when Barack Obama descended from the heavens to lead an ignorant, savage, and unfair country. Yet he certainly epitomized the left’s hoped for “new America” of which his bitter half only then became proud. Schools have been teaching identity politics to our children for decades. The left seeks to abrogate of our nation’s moral fiber with the deliberate destruction of absolute right and wrong under written and duly enacted law. While we seek to debate, they seek to silence. While we accept differences of opinion, they cancel. While we would live and let live, they will burn it all down. We see the consequences of this in the disaffected youth playing “resistance” dress-up and burning down our cities. The process of using identity politics to maximize victimhood has damaged the values and principles this nation was founded upon and its citizens have lived by. Self-sufficiency, taking responsibility for one’s own actions,...(Read Full Article)
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