Fight -- or the Dems Will Steal This Election

It did not start when Barack Obama descended from the heavens to lead an ignorant, savage, and unfair country. Yet he certainly epitomized the left’s hoped for “new America” of which his bitter half only then became proud.

Schools have been teaching identity politics to our children for decades. The left seeks to abrogate of our nation’s moral fiber with the deliberate destruction of absolute right and wrong under written and duly enacted law. While we seek to debate, they seek to silence. While we accept differences of opinion, they cancel. While we would live and let live, they will burn it all down. We see the consequences of this in the disaffected youth playing “resistance” dress-up and burning down our cities.

The process of using identity politics to maximize victimhood has damaged the values and principles this nation was founded upon and its citizens have lived by. Self-sufficiency, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, equality under the law, property rights, and law and order have been cast aside in favor of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.

It is the left’s attempt to see anarchy reign in our streets as rioters run amok, steeped in the victimhood and righteous violence taught to them all their lives. It is all part of their plan to steal the presidency, one way or another.

Yet, it is important to note the BLM and Antifa goons currently wreaking havoc are doing so almost exclusively in America’s Democrat-run states and cities.

It is a fake “revolution,” executed for the cameras and done to justify chaos as a tool to be used on a grand scale this election. It is a “revolution” that persists only under the aegis of the Democratic Party of America and the blind blessings of its propaganda arm, the media. This faux rebellion is the Obama of insurrections, a mile wide and an inch deep. It exists solely because right-minded Americans “have not yet begun to fight.”

The left hopes to use the upheaval to steal this election and banish America to the ash heap of history. To the left, people must either be outraged victims, with every brutality undertaken against others deigned acceptable, no matter how violent and destructive, or they are oppressors who deserve outrage and atrocity.

When you need people to believe something new for your plans to succeed, you must first destroy what they believe in presently.

In this they have failed. Trump’s win in 2016 showed the left they cannot depend on free and fair elections. To prevail in their plan to take over America, they would need an army. With the training of outraged victims and the removal of any restraint or consequences for their actions, they believe they have built one. It is an army they plan to deploy with vengeance, before, during, and after the actual vote.

After years of using the tools of government and bureaucracy to unsuccessfully rid the world of the troublesome Trump, the left has had enough. They are planning this Presidential Election to be the last one they will need to steal. After attaining power, they plan to rig all future elections so they cannot lose.

The left aims to use the riots to keep people from voting on Election Day. Therefore, we are seeing a new tactic of storming restaurants and physically attacking and hurling obloquy at bewildered and frightened diners. The Democrats want to create an ascendant, all-encompassing aura of universal fear among voters to suppress turnout and preclude a Trump landslide.

The riots are integral to the left’s purposes; they will not be stopped by anything other than force or surrender. Biden is the “surrender.” Trump and the American people are the “force.”

If Biden fails to attain victory at the polls, they will ratchet up the savagery as the “will of the people” afterward to either steal the presidency in the courts or depose Trump in a mostly unpeaceful coup.

We know this because they have told us so. Just as with training the nation to accept the violence from their minions before, during, and after the election, they are advertising this election as one that will not be over when the polls close and not settled until the courts, California, Oregon, Washington State, and the armed forces have their say. Hillary told moldering Joe to never concede, no matter the vote count, because she knows vote counts can be changed. Electoral votes can be stolen. In fact, that is part of their plan.

Recently the Democrats published a 22-page report entitled: “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election” from an organization called the Transition Integrity Project led by Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks, among others. In it they described war-gaming four possible electoral results. The interesting outcome was the one where Trump won and Biden, played by political hack John Podesta, refused to concede and instead convinced California, Washington, and Oregon to threaten secession. They would then let the army decide what to do.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy nut to see the connection in letting the army decide the election and the coordinated “Trump hates and disrespects the military” smear by Jeffery Goldberg of the Atlantic, the same-day release of the military men denigrating Trump commercial, and the softball question and already prepared answer from Biden at his press conference.

As Gore tried to do with his, “we count until I win” strategy in 2000, in 2020, the Democrats and their newly hired 600 lawyers are going to insist that every vote be counted no matter how long it takes. And when the mail-in votes suspiciously turn a Trump landslide into a Biden victory, they will declare Democrats believe in science and were afraid of COVID and therefore, voted by mail.

Why do you think Biden wears the mask and keeps mentioning the pandemic? Why do you think Democrat governors are keeping economies closed even though COVID is fast disappearing as a threat?

The riots were kept alive by Democrats to get Americans used to the violence that they will use to help steal this election. The vote by mail push is to make it easier to steal. The lawyers are to make it legal for them to do so.

It does not have to be this way. Americans in both blue and red states can and should be prepared to defend themselves, their families, their livelihoods, their property, and their vote when challenged by those on the left. America is comprised of the best armed and trained citizenry this world has ever seen. It is why the 2nd Amendment will be the first thing the left will come after should they prevail. An armed people can say, “No!” It is high time Americans said, “Hell No!” A popular mostly peaceful uprising from the right is not uncalled for in the situation we find the nation in.

Also, Trump is also no dope. They have thrown everything at the man for years and he has beaten them silly at every turn. Only the naïve would believe that he is not aware of what the left is trying to do and does not have a plan to counter it. That is the thing with successful businessmen -- they think in exigent circumstances and contingencies.

The easiest way to kill this coup-baby in the crib is for Americans to get out and vote. If Republicans hold onto the Senate and take the House, and if the people show up at the polls and give Trump a majority-vote and electoral win of such magnitude that stealing the election would be too obvious, the worm will turn and the left will return to its status of malignant impotence.

There comes a time in the “course of human events” when people need to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

If the people believe in America, now is that time.

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Image: Pikist

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