Dismal Liberal Diversity

As several links to maps and indexes herein demonstrate, there is overwhelming evidence of an inverse relationship between divisive diversity mandates and happiness, the pursuit of which is one of our unalienable rights.  As evidenced at the “big tent” RNC, diversity is laudable when there is broad compliance with core convictions -- and necessary in our vibrant country.  Some of the most telling testimonials were delivered by minorities who appreciate our munificence and want to keep America -- America.  By contrast, radical leftist multiculturalism, adorned with diversity platitudes, eviscerates our foundational principles, erodes trust, and engenders unhappiness.  When there is no consent on our unifying ideals, social cohesion unravels and law and order is usurped by a “might makes right” brutal state of nature.  Something the otherwise dumb street mobs appreciate instinctively. While magnanimous Republicans are reaching out...(Read Full Article)
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