Carter Page’s Camel Nose Under the Trump Tent

An old Arab proverb explains much about the Spygate strategy of infiltrating the Trump campaign and then administration. “If a camel gets his nose in the tent, the body will soon follow.” This is the proverbial “foot in the door” that allowed an in-power administration to use the full power of its judicial and intelligence agencies to spy on a political opponent, then to undermine a duly elected president.   Image credit: NuBeat Music, YouTube screen grab   Weaponizing the federal government was nothing new for the Obama administration. The Obama/Brennan CIA spied on Senate intelligence committee members and Obama/Lerner used the IRS to target conservative groups. So far no one has been punished for these abuses of power. Lady Justice’s scales of justice tilt in only one direction, favoring Democrats with a never expiring get out of jail free card. Spygate had one primary objective, to prevent Donald Trump’s election....(Read Full Article)
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