Biden: Let's Go to the Videotape

Back in the ’70s a local New York City sportscaster named Warner Wolf coined a phrase. “Let’s go to the videotape.”  In doing so he was able to settle many a sports argument.  By viewing tapes, people were able to see for themselves controversial plays and determine if officials were correct in their rulings.  Today, with the internet, social media, and YouTube, the same holds true with politicians.  Politicians, as they’re apt to do, can pontificate all they wish, but If they’ve been around long enough, there are videos of speeches, presentations, and actions they’ve made over the years which are on record, and for the good or bad leave no ambiguity as to their veracity.  Such is the case with Joe Biden.  Since most of the links in this article are primary sources, the reader is urged to open them and judge for themselves the truthfulness of this man.  Joe Biden has had a 47-year...(Read Full Article)
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