Biden: Let's Go to the Videotape

Back in the ’70s a local New York City sportscaster named Warner Wolf coined a phrase. “Let’s go to the videotape.”  In doing so he was able to settle many a sports argument.  By viewing tapes, people were able to see for themselves controversial plays and determine if officials were correct in their rulings.  Today, with the internet, social media, and YouTube, the same holds true with politicians. 

Politicians, as they’re apt to do, can pontificate all they wish, but If they’ve been around long enough, there are videos of speeches, presentations, and actions they’ve made over the years which are on record, and for the good or bad leave no ambiguity as to their veracity.  Such is the case with Joe Biden.  Since most of the links in this article are primary sources, the reader is urged to open them and judge for themselves the truthfulness of this man. 

Joe Biden has had a 47-year political career and has served as a Democrat senator from the state of Delaware from 1972 to 2009 and served as the 47th vice president of the United States from 2009-2017.  Along with his current run for president, he likewise sought that office in 1988 and 2008.  During his first attempt as a presidential candidate in1988, he professed certain statements which embarrassingly proved to be outright distortions of the truth.

According to a September 21,1987 AP report, at a New Hampshire campaign appearance the previous April Biden claimed to have:

  • Gone to law school on a full scholarship -- the only one to have done so.
  • Graduated with three degrees.
  • Was the outstanding student in the political science department.

Sounds impressive, if only it was true. It turns out he went to school on a half scholarship, finished 76th out of 85, and has one degree, not three.  Let's go to the videotape.

What’s worse, when confronted by a supporter obviously aware of his prevarications, Biden lost his temper and  questioned the man’s IQ and nerve to ask such a question. He then doubled down and lied about his academic achievements.  Falsehoods he was later forced to admit to: 

''I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection on this was inaccurate.’’  Inaccurate?  That’s quite a spin.

In actuality, his statements far exceeded inaccuracies and proved him a serial plagiarist, for which he was flunked from a Syracuse Law School class and almost expelled for copying speeches verbatim from the likes of: former British Labor leader Neil Kinnock, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and John F. Kennedy.  Having been caught red-handed in this malfeasance, he went on to say ,“I’ve done some dumb things and I will do some dumb things again.” No doubt a prophetic statement.

With seemingly little understanding of modern-day technology and the record he was creating, his fabrications, the most damning of which is his pandering to the African American community concerning his Civil Rights involvement, span his entire career.  

Shaun King is a self-styled “African American” writer and activist, noted for his work in civil rights and a cofounder of the Real Justice PAC.  Not exactly a white supremacist.  In an extensive, fully annotated article entitled “2 Truths and 31 Lies Joe Biden Has Told About His Work in the Civil Rights Movement,”  King begins by stating:

“Since the early 1970s, Joe Biden has been a serial liar when it comes to his "work" in the Civil Rights Movement. It's the equivalent of stolen valor and is fundamentally disqualifying.”  Don’t believe King?  Let’s go to the video tape and watch the 2020 Democrat nominee for president in this must-see video.

The tape begins with Biden unequivocally stating, “when I marched in the Civil Rights Movement, I marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes and we changed attitudes.”….”When I was 17 I participated in sit-ins to desegregate the restaurants and movie houses of Wilmington, Delaware.”….I came out of the Civil Rights movement and was one of those guys that sat in and marched and all that stuff.”  What a guy… if it only happened.  It didn’t.  

A few months later, in yet another bombshell video, just prior to dropping out of the 1988 presidential race, Biden publicly admitted it was all a lie.  Having his record checked, his story morphed into “….I Was involved in what they were thinking, what they were feeling.  But I was not out marching.  I was not down in Selma. I was not anywhere else.”

King goes on to say “Joe Biden paid a price for most of those lies, but was never fully held to account for the worst of them all.  On the backs of people who actually paid an enormous price for being activists and organizers in the Civil Rights Movement, Joe Biden created a completely false narrative of his work and contributions to the movement that persists to this very day.”  Speaking of which.  After years of burying this disgraceful untruth, a much older Biden has resurrected it once again.  Fast forward to January 19, 2020…. Speaking before a fawning black audience, and seemingly oblivious to the fiasco that torpedoed his ’88 presidential race, Biden drones on:

“You know when I was a teenager in Delaware, for real I got involved in the Civil Rights movement.  We have the eighth largest black population in America.  Most people don’t know that.  I’d go to 8 o’clock Mass, and then I’d go to Rev. Herring’s church where we’d meet in order to organize and figure where we were gonna go. Whether we were gonna desegregate the Rialto movie theatre or what we were gonna do”….”I got my education, for real, in the black church.  And that’s not hyperbole.  It’s a fact, not a joke.  Because when we used to get organized on Sundays to go out and desegregate movie theaters and things like that, we’d do it through the black church.”  

King finds these statements not only ludicrous but reprehensible. “Biden went so far as to say he “was raised in the Black church.”…. “It’s about as absurd of a claim as a person running for President has ever made.  Four different people in Wilmington expressed to me that these claims of Biden are so outrageous and dishonest that it caused them to truly worry for his mental health.”  They’re not the only ones.

And the beat goes on.  This past week, Delaware State University denied that Biden was a student after repeated claims he ‘got started’ there.  “Carlos Holmes, director of news service for Delaware State, said that Mr. Biden was never a student, although he has made appearances twice on campus for commencement speeches at the public university in Dover, one of the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).”

There may be other reasons to vote or not vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.  But by his 47-year record and by his own words, it has become increasingly evident that Biden is a pathological liar.  Just go to the videotape.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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