Another 9/11 is Unlikely -- and That's not Good News

The fact that there has been no 9/11-type attack in the U.S. for 19 years proves… what?  That Islamic terrorist groups are not capable of mounting another such attack?  That America’s security network is on much higher alert than in the innocent days before 9/11? Maybe so.  But another, quite likely possibility is that Islamic radicals see no need for another large-scale attack.  Why bother with spectacular, violent acts of jihad when incremental, under-the-radar, cultural jihad will serve the same purpose? Cultural jihad, which is also known as stealth jihad, is a long-term campaign to influence and even co-opt key social institutions such as schools, courts, media, political parties, and churches.  In what follows, I will use the terms “cultural jihad” and “stealth jihad” interchangeably. Many Americans think that, as long as there are no major terror attacks, then all is well.  But what we need to worry...(Read Full Article)
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