Why a Leading White Supremacist Endorsed Joe Biden

White supremacist Richard Spencer is back in the news again for endorsing Joe Biden, which means that I am once again being inundated with furious messages from morons who cannot distinguish between Richard Spencer and Robert Spencer. Because of that common confusion from people who apparently think the Watergate president was Robert Nixon, I am reluctant to write about young Richard (not Robert!), but this time it’s important to consider: why would a man who has been widely reviled as a neo-Nazi, and is open and unapologetic about his racism, endorse the candidate of the party of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? While Leftists have frequently tried to tie Richard Spencer to President Trump and his followers, portraying his advocacy of a “white ethnostate” and the complete separation of the races as the true heart of Trump’s program, the real Richard Spencer tweeted on Sunday: “I plan to vote for Biden and a straight Democratic ticket. It’s not...(Read Full Article)
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