ViacomCBS is Meddling in the Presidential Election

While mainstream media organizations continue to worry about foreign meddling in our last election and the next one, we should take a look at how they themselves are meddling. Without letting any of the media off the hook, the ViacomCBS behemoth deserves special consideration.  The threat from its meddling in the upcoming presidential election is a case study of a multi-headed media organization's direct practice of attempting to defeat one candidate and help boost and cover for the other.  Anything Russia did in the last election, or any of the last 20 elections, pales in comparison. These days, the company is known as ViacomCBS.  Its corporate structure and ownership have morphed through the years, starting nearly 100 years ago with the formation of CBS.  Viacom came along in 1970 as the syndication division of CBS.  It soon split off as a separate company and then later merged with CBS in 1995, and in 2006, Viacom and CBS...(Read Full Article)
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