Universities: During COVID, Where Does All the Overhead Go?

Full disclosure: I am a disgruntled U.S. taxpayer whose Venezuelan nephew and niece are in U.S. universities.  My wife and I pay everything for their education.  Our nephew tried studying chemical engineering in Venezuela but with the on again, off again system under the Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro dictatorships, it was chaotic at best.  We brought both kids (young adults) to the U.S. on student visas; enrolled them in English classes; then watched them as they went into community college then the university.  Both kids are great students and make their Tia and Tio proud.  Even in community college, we had to pay the foreign student premium.  Our nephew went to community college and then the University of California.  Our niece went to community college in Florida and now university in California.  My wife half-heartedly joked that we would be paying less if they had come into the country illegally like her friends at the extension college...(Read Full Article)
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