The Democrats Attack the Country; the Republicans Attack the Democrats

Last week, we watched as Joe Biden and his increasingly radical party outlined their dark perception of the country. They offered few policies and no solutions.  Their message boiled down to America is evil and rotten to the core, and Trump is a fascist who represents an existential “threat to our democracy.”  The Democrats also called Trump a racist, accused him of culpability for every single COVID-19 death in the country, and for the economic contraction that has led to a 10 percent unemployment rate.  As if the well-documented failures of the Postal Service over the last several decades have not already undermined it enough, Hillary Clinton blamed Trump for supposedly trying to sabotage it in an attempt to “steal an election.”   At this week's RNC, the Republicans have not only focused far more on matters of substance and policy, but they have offered a vision of the country that promotes freedom, liberty, religion,...(Read Full Article)
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