The Curious Problem of Obesity among the Poor

In a recent OpEd from The Guardian, author Larry Elliot opines on the frequency of obesity among low-income households in the U.K., and points out that the problem “in the U.S. mirrors that of the U.K.”  Elliot goes on to proclaim, that, “there will be less obesity when people can afford to eat better.”   The premise is that poor folks are victims of one injustice or another; in Elliot’s case, he claims they are unable to afford healthy food.  This notion has been floating around for several years now, particularly as it relates to children, and is one that is frequently parroted by the left in America. In November, 2019 the CDC published a report, with little fanfare, that stated incidents of childhood obesity among low-income households in the U.S. had decreased.  Being confused by this news is understandable.  The idea of childhood obesity in low-income households being a problem worthy of CDC involvement is...(Read Full Article)
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