The China Conundrum is November’s Most Critical Issue

The last few months or so have been perhaps the worst that the U.S.-China relationship has seen in generations. In just the past few weeks, several incidents have occurred including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling out the dangers of authoritarian China in his address to the Slovenian people regarding 5G technology, and the Chinese military conducting reactionary drills around East Asia in the aftermath of America sending aircraft carrier groups to the South China Sea to perform dual-carrier exercises in July. This summer has also seen both superpowers ordering the closure of consulates and the FBI issuing a warning to Americans in China of a “heightened risk of arbitrary detention,” related to “state security.” Although the countries can be classified as each other’s “biggest investor and trade partner,” according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the last year has put significant strain on an already complicated...(Read Full Article)
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