Orange Man Bad? Democrats Worse

For years, #NeverTrump activists were pushing the challenge to Trump supporters on social media:  “Is there anything that Trump could do that would cause you to stop supporting him?”  It was one of the primary “Orange Man Bad” themes. The morality test is that Trump supporters are abandoning all principle by worshipping Donald Trump as our Messiah and engaging in a cult.   Leftists in both parties have lied about Donald Trump, hurling smears and invective, accusinng Trump of saying things that Trump never said and doing things Trump never did. And yet it just isn’t working.  Why don’t any of their attacks on Trump succeed?  It cannot be because the #NeverTrump arguments are dishonest, unfounded, and unpersuasive.  It has to be because Trump supporters are mesmerized.  Trump has fooled us all into thinking he is wonderful.  Never will #NeverTrumpers reexamine their arguments. The...(Read Full Article)
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