Orange Man Bad? Democrats Worse

For years, #NeverTrump activists were pushing the challenge to Trump supporters on social media:  “Is there anything that Trump could do that would cause you to stop supporting him?”  It was one of the primary “Orange Man Bad” themes.

The morality test is that Trump supporters are abandoning all principle by worshipping Donald Trump as our Messiah and engaging in a cult.   Leftists in both parties have lied about Donald Trump, hurling smears and invective, accusinng Trump of saying things that Trump never said and doing things Trump never did. And yet it just isn’t working. 

Why don’t any of their attacks on Trump succeed?  It cannot be because the #NeverTrump arguments are dishonest, unfounded, and unpersuasive.  It has to be because Trump supporters are mesmerized.  Trump has fooled us all into thinking he is wonderful. 

Never will #NeverTrumpers reexamine their arguments.

The correct answer is obviously:  “No, there is nothing that Donald Trump can do to lose my support, because I am not judging the 2016 or 2020 elections based on Trump’s supposed perfection.”   Because any intelligent person’s necessary support Donald Trump has nothing to do with whether Trump is flawless or not, Leftists are wasting their time.   Donald Trump being without faults never played any role in our decision.

In 2012, the Republican Party made a fatal mistake.  (Well, many, actually.)   The main message of the Republican presidential campaign from those trying to drag Mitt Romney across the finish line was “Obama bad.”  Not “Mitt Romney better.”

But voters don’t vote that way.  The voters, I believe, were ready to concede that in many ways:  “Obama bad.”  But… were the voters convinced “Mitt Romney was better?”  No. 

The GOP did not even try to argue that.  If you don’t attempt to convince the voters why your guy is better, they are not stupid.  The voters will read between the lines and notice what you left out of your message.

I am convinced that in 2012 many voters agreed “Yes, Obama is troubling, but would Bain Capital’s Mitt Romney drive the economy into another 2008 meltdown?  Do I want to take that chance?  Maybe re-electing Obama is the less-risky choice.” 

The GOP failed to counter attacks.  Defending yourself wouldn’t be polite.  A gentleman just allows people to lie about him.  It would be unseemly to point out your opponents’ lies.  The GOP never to this day (I mean the party officially) rebutted the lies about the 2008 economic mortgage-collapse crisis or explained the Democrats’ guilt in creating it.

Why would I ever vote for any Democrat, especially Joe Biden?  I was Christine O’Donnell’s campaign manager briefly when she ran against Biden in 2008 for the  Delaware U.S. Senate seat, helping her win the Republican nomination along with Gretchen Ellixson, John Feroce, and others.  I created a website “The Biden Quiz” documenting in precise detail (after Christine argued it) that Joe Biden was among the most far-left U.S. Senators. 

Biden has never been a moderate.  Worse, Biden is a chameleon, a voiceover actor who simply memorizes talking points and delivers them like a narrator in a TV commercial.  Biden doesn’t actually believe in anything.  But he does echo precisely whatever the far Left says or wants.

All Joe has had to do for decades is repeat the talking points popular at the moment and collect applause.  In his left-wing bubble, when Joe could say no wrong, it ceased to matter what came out of Biden’s mouth.

Rich Lowry’s National Review actually launched the #NeverTrump hysteria with its landmark 2016 edition “Conservatives Against Trump. Within two years, Rich Lowry tried to retreat from the mania. Writing in Politico, this week, Lowry tried to build common ground between the #NeverTrumpers he championed and Trump voters, without the benefit of a map.  In “The Folly of the Never Republicans,” rather than deconstructing the reasons for the chasm, Lowry merely warns that burning down the Republican Party by electing Biden will not create a better outcome.  Lowry concedes that Trump is an unacceptable boor -- suspiciously like what critics said about Winston Churchill and uncultured frontier woodsman Abraham Lincoln.  But Lowry urges #NeverTrumpers to step back from the cliff.

#NeverTrumpers can point out a thousand faults of Donald Trump -- none of which are true, but let’s focus on the point.  The alternative candidates are worse. 

One cannot point the finger at Trump when the candidates they are pushing are terrible.  That includes the polite, dignified Republicans who think that letting the Democrats win makes them the better man.  Or maybe they think that if they attack their own party, the alligators will eat them last.  Haven’t we already tried those type of Republicans for decades?  What could possibly make anyone want to back to those “dignified” Republicans?  They are the problem, not the solution.

The anti-Trump lies are astonishing after establishment Republicans spent decades fooling the voters and breaking their promises.  The GOP since 1964 has lied to voters, promised common sense, conservative reforms, and then voting with the Democrats to enact left-wing, grow-the-government policies and general lunacy.  Yet now they want to tell us that Trump has fooled us.

I am making an intelligent, informed choice from my deep involvement in politics and government since 1984 that the modern Democrat Party has become a destructive force.  It’s not your grandfather’s party anymore.  The “New Left” rioted at the Democrat National Committee in 1968 just like they are doing today.  The Democrats actually booed God at their 2012 Democrat National Convention. 

Even if “Orange Man Bad” we must also compare:  “Democrats Worse.” 

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