Some Matters Domestic and Foreign

Attorney General William Barr earlier this week signaled that there would be a development in the ongoing Durham investigation into official misconduct relating to the Russiagate confection.  Friday, that came true with news that attorney Kevin Clinesmith, formerly with the FBI, was going to plead guilty to one count of feloniously altering an email from the CIA in order to support an application for a FISA warrant that permitted the government to spy in Carter Page.  Page had for years provided information to the CIA about his contacts with Russian officials. In CIA jargon, he was known as an operational contact -- someone who agrees to be debriefed by agency personnel but cannot be assigned to collect information. That relationship might have given law enforcement officials reason to be less suspicious of him. And the FBI was told about it: A CIA lawyer provided a list of documents in the August 2016 email at the heart of the case against Clinesmith that...(Read Full Article)
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