Local Politicians: America's Achilles Heel

The American system cannot function without local government. Our federal government is responsible for foreign policy and regulating commerce, but the decisions that have the most direct, immediate impact upon our daily lives are left to the states, and by extension, the leaders of our local communities to whom much -- too much -- authority has been delegated. Local government has one of the greatest responsibilities within the American system: the security and protection of Americans.  It falls upon local government, using local law enforcement, to protect our lives, liberty, and property. Responsive, responsible local government can be a blessing: potholes are repaired, crime is curbed and businesses thrive. Unresponsive, irresponsible local government is a nightmare. In the past several weeks, we have seen far too much of the latter. Indeed, the most significant unmasking caused by the ongoing riots and the ongoing pandemic scare, has been the complete ineffectualness of...(Read Full Article)
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